When Tom Tillapaugh was just 31 years old, he had a vision that would go on to change thousands of lives. At age 63, Tom and the Denver Street School are still going strong.


In 1979, Tom noticed a flaw in the education system while he was visiting a addiction recovery home for in Denver. Although these individuals wanted more out of life, they were not given the tools to become self-sufficient, confident members of society. They would often stray and find themselves back in the dark reality of the streets.

After Tom decided to move to Colorado, he and his family opened the Denver Street School for kids who had been kicked out of the public school system for drugs, alcohol, and violence. There he could provide a Christian-based education to these children and teach them real-life skills to succeed in the working world.

From a small dining room with only one teacher to three campuses in the Denver area, the Denver Street School has grown drastically since opening its doors. Tom has also created Hope Academy, an aftercare program for girls that are recovering from sex trafficking. In addition to these amazing feats, Tom founded the StreetSchool Network which consists of 30 schools in 20 states that have adopted the Denver Street School model.

The Denver Street School is making the world a better place by providing a family-like atmosphere for troubled youths all across the U.S. With your help, the Denver Street School can continue to bring kids off the streets and into a classroom. To donate, click here and you can donate your extra change to the Denver Street School. Every cent counts!


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