The Strategy Group LLC

“As principals of a 27-year- old strategic marketing firm, we’ve met many startup firms needing support. We’ve enjoyed the opportunity to review many new ideas. As strategists, we are practiced at seeing either the line of possibility or the sometimes-imperceptible flaws that will unravel the best ideas. We had two immediate responses to Donate Your Change’s roundup giving app: appreciation that safety/security issues have been well addressed, and complete agreement that this platform is a “no brainer” for our non-profit clients.

“Donate Your Change is ideal for growing a new generation of generosity.”

Jeffrey and Laurie Carney
The Strategy Group LLC

First United Methodist Church

DYC has been a good program for us at First United Methodist Church, Rogers, AR.

We have been using DYC since mid-October of 2017, and we have no plans to discontinue the program. In fact, we will do an extra push again this October as we get ready for our annual pledge drive, and I have informed many other Methodist churches in our area about the program in hopes of helping them out, too.

The support I received from DYC was quite helpful. They walked me through the set-up process over the phone every step along the way as I set up the church’s account. This allowed me to feel confident that it had been done correctly.

For our start up process, I announced our Donate Your Change program during the worship service last October as part of my regular semi-annual finance report. I quickly explained it, showed the 2-minute video he has on the website. Then the next two Sundays, we had young adults with laptops available in the fellowship hall to help individuals who didn’t feel tech savvy enough to sign up on their own.

We get our roundup donations from DYC once a month, and with the families that we’ve signed up so far, we get between $300 and $400 a month (that means our start-up costs were covered within the first month)!

Spencer L. Allen, Ph.D.
Financial Secretary
First United Methodist Church