In the past few months, Donate Your Change has launched three strategic partnerships to increase our client base. Each of these organizations are staffed by well-connected and deeply talented individuals with a proven track record in the nonprofit and for profit space: OptimalPS, IGC of Canada and Xcel Companies in Denver, CO.

Our first new partnership is with OptimalPS, located in San Diego, CA.  Their mission statement reads:

At OptimalPS, we are passionate about serving you, the Nonprofit Community. We become your trusted partners and help share in each Nonprofit’s Mission by helping you optimize our affordable, easy to use fundraising and marketing tools so you can have More for your Mission.

Our second new partnership is with IGC Canada. IGC’s Canadian office is located in Calgary, Canada. They work primarily in the Christian school arena to help their clients in the areas of school governance, strategic planning, school culture and creating “sustainable funding solutions.”

On “Giving Tuesday, November 28, 2017, Donate Your Change Canada was officially launched. One week later, our first three Canadian clients had signed up!  Since then three more Canadian clients have been added.   You can find out more about our Canadian brand by visiting their website at: https://www.donateyourchange.ca.

Our newest partnership is with Xcel Companies in Denver, CO.  Excel specializes in “business savings and funding solutions.”  They bring a wealth of knowledgeable field representatives with contacts in both the nonprofit and for profit space that will greatly expand our client base moving forward.

Donate Your Change now has clients in fifteen different states and Canada.  We are expanding our client base each month to provide sustainable, affordable funding solutions for our clients through people’s everyday financial transactions. Along the way we are helping to eliminate “donor fatigue” for our clients while engaging the next generations of donors to make a positive difference in and outside of their local communities.  We are excited to see our funding solution expand through these joint efforts!

David Funk

CEO and Co-Founder

Donate Your Change

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