Two of our newest clients who have launched a roundup campaign with Donate Your Change are the Salvation Army of Sedgwick County, KS, and K.I.D. Cure for Cancer Foundation out of Bristolville, Ohio.  Both organizations are committed to making a difference in the lives of those who are most vulnerable: the poor and children battling cancer.

The mission statement for the Salvation Army reads:

Whether it’s a hot meal, warm blanket, or a box of groceries to make it to the end of the month helps transform lives. The Salvation Army stands ready to share the love of Jesus Christ with everyone. 

The mission statement for K.I.D. Cure of Cancer reads:

Our mission, to find new solutions for childhood cancer, has always been a priority. Cancer research, cancer awareness, family assistance, organizational funding, and so many other aspects relating to children and cancer will continue to be at the heart of our foundation.

Donors can sign up to support these two very worthwhile organizations from their “microsites.”  The microsite for the Salvation Army of Sedgwick County is: and the microsite for K.I.D. Cure of Cancer is:  Please consider going to their microsite and signing up today to help support their important work.


Thank you,


David Funk

CEO Donate Your Change



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